Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's like riding a bike ...

I haven't knit in more years than I'll admit (many, many, I can say that much!) and when I found myself in a new city with a new job, and most of my family and all my friends very far away, I also found myself with extra time which is something of a novelty!

A co-worker took me to a Christmas craft show where I saw tons of incredible knitting and truly wonderful yarns... back when I first started knitting, there was nothing like the variety of yarns there are now... bamboo, soy silk the merinos are incredible, sock yarn has become incredibly interesting and vibrant, not to mention other exotics like sea silk!


I was inspired. The next day I googled Montreal and yarn store, knitting, and any other term I could think of and in very short order found myself at MoulinĂ©, where I bought 8 wonderful skeins of variegated wool, handyed by a women’s artisan coop in Uruguay and in two weeks (once a knitter, always a knitter) I’d knit up beautiful cardigan with a snuggly ribbed collar,

then I blocked it, pieced it together, tried it on and discovered… waaaaay too big! That’s when I recalled the importance of swatching.

So of course I ripped it out and reknit it and now it fits perfectly.

Since then I’ve also knit Rowan’s “Air” in using Rowan’s cotton Calmer, and I’m in the midst of knitting up “Rosita” by Jaeger using scheepjeswol Cotton 8 in Mayflower, which I got at yet another delightful Montreal yarn shop, A la tricoteuse laine. That pattern has proven to be something of a challenge, partly because the instructions had mistakes in it, and also because I’d never knit a lace pattern before. At one point when I was particularly frustrated, I did a search on “rosita” and “jaeger” and found this site with some very simple but incredibly helpful tips that made what was quickly becoming an overwhelmingly frustrating experience into something I could actually enjoy (I love knitting blogs!)

I’ve completed the back and have started the front.(hmmm, I’m obviously going to have to spend some time working on my photography skills!)

I’ve also realized that if I’m to take knitting at all seriously, I have to switch to continental as my shoulders are aching like you would not believe. Knittiing shouldn’t hurt, should it?

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