Saturday, February 28, 2009

More unknitting....

This sock looks familiar, doesn't it? A lot like the one in my last post, right? But it's not quite the same, because this one isn't quite as big. 

It might look like the matching sock, might it not? One just like the other and intended to be worn on the other foot. As the partner or pair to the other. A pair of socks. 

The only problem is, these socks are supposed to be mirrors of one another so that the tree-like pattern runs up along the outside of each foot, and as you an see, this sock is far too much like the other to be a pair. If this is the second sock, the ribbing shouldn't appear on the right side as it does here AND in the one below. No, if it's to be the mirror of the other, then the ribbing should be running up the left.

But no, this is not the second sock. I am still on the first sock. But, as my little visitor pointed out last week, I am not knitting at the moment. I am unkitting. Again. (I actually do more of that then maybe you think I do. I actually do an awful lot of unknitting. In fact, I think it's safe to say that pretty much everything I knit involves some amount of unknitting. Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes a lot. And when I sew,  I do a lot of ripping out of stitches. This knitting and sewing punctuated with periods of unknitting and unsewing is, I've come to realize, something I need to accept as part of the process.)

But back to my sock. Or what I intend to eventually become a pair.... 

I didn't simply make the mistake of knitting the same sock twice. Nope. What I did was set the pattern as if I were knitting the right sock, and then I faithfully followed the chart for the left. All the way up the entire foot. Plus I set the heel and it was only a couple rows into the leg that I realized my mistake. There was no way to fake it, since the socks are mirrors of one another, the branches start off by branching to the right on the right sock and ... you guessed it, branch to the left on the left sock. 

You'd think that would have been easy for me to track! 

Apparently it was not easy enough for me, so I blithely read what was clearly marked as "Left sock chart" while telling myself it was the right. I've now spent a good part of my morning unknitting (which with fingering yarn and size 2 mm needles, can be a tricky business if you want to end up with the right number of stitches and don't want to leave any behind to unravel when least expected which is, of course, my goal). 

With icy streets out there I'm not wanting to venture too far from home this morning, so I just may be able to catch up with myself before day's end! 

Wish me luck ...

PS: omigosh! It's not just me. Check out this post by the Yarn Harlot... Could it be that winter's getting to us? 

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