Thursday, February 12, 2009

Petal Halter

I was just looking over the patterns in the soon-to-be-released spring edition of Interweave knits, and here's the top that everyone is going to be knitting. Well, maybe not everyone. I will be, and I'll bet a lot of others too. It's gorgeous. 

I'm curious about how it's made, though. Not being a designer myself I find it hard to figure out other people's patterns. This one looks as though you might be knitting in strips and sewing together? I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern and check it out! Trouble is, I am not sure if my subscription has already expired or is about to expire... I was going to be good and not subscribe to any more knitting magazines (or any magazine, really, but since I dropped the New Yorker knitting mags are the only ones left). I fully intend to not have them delivered automatically and instead only buy those I truly (and desperately!) have to have. And I do have to have this one right? Maybe that warrants subscribing so I don't miss out. Like I did on the cabled yoke pullover a few months back ... 

something to think about. 

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