Sunday, February 15, 2009

Space battle

I have this recurring dream, almost a nightmare, I guess. It's quite late at night, very dark, no moon but there are some stars. I'm usually inside a cabin that has a dirt road running just beyond the trees in the front of the cabin, and just beyond that, a river. Sometimes the cabin is in the bush, sometimes just on the outskirts of the city. I know it's a cabin and not a house because of how rustic it. Sometimes my brother is there, which is really unusual because we don't see each other much any more. 

I'm aware of the sky but not really watching it. I like being able to see the sky so if I am in a situation where I can see it, I'm always kind of half-watching it. The sky always feels very intimate but also so remote and otherworldly. It's part of our world and also the window to every other world, to things we can't possible imagine. So I'm in the cabin, talking to someone, often my brother, and very aware of the night sky which at the point in the dream, feels familiar and comforting and twinkly. 

But I slowly become aware of something happening in the sky. I become aware of movement amongst those stars, of lights darting and flicking, and doing so incredibly quickly. I have to watch for a long time before I'm really sure that I really am seeing movement. And as I watch, it becomes more and more clear. And I slowly realize that this is because whatever it is that's moving out there, it's coming closer and closer. I watch for some time, at one point I send my brother out to do something crucial but when I wake I never remember what it was though I know he's doing something quite difficult and quite urgent and I'm not at all certain he'll be successful. 

As I watch I can start making out shapes. Some are almost crystaline structures -- long and narrow with shapes jutting out at the tops and bottoms that remind me of giant cave crystals. these structures are enormous, bigger than most of our skyscrappers. There are also a lot of other structures more like the ones we've come to expect from watching Star Wars and Battlestar. The swift ships that dart in and out in battle, lobbing small torpedo-like weapons at one another. 

It's clear this is an epic battle. And the radios and TVs are silent, the internet isn't responding. More people appear at the cabin, and who exactly they are changes from time to time. I seem to know something about what is happening, and I'm surprised it's gone this far, surprised it's out in the open, but whatever it is, I cannot quite pull it into full consciousness so I'm left with just this vague sense. 

It's a powerful dream in the sense that it stays with me. The last time I had it was a week and half ago.  I woke up at 3:30 am stayed awake for almost an hour. If I get up like that and then go back to sleep, and I tend to remember dreams I have at that time more than others I might have. I'll have to take care to note if this dream always happens under the same circumstances. 

Anyone else out there dream of intergalactic space battles? ;-)

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