Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabulous beginner lace scarf

Finished: one beginner lace scarf! I really do enjoy knitting projects that involve a little work and concentration. This scarf really wasn't difficult, but it had enough going on that it was a pleasant and quick knit. I like having a pattern to follow, and I especially love watching a pattern unfold. 
While the actual knitting of this scarf was relatively easy, I learnt a lot while making it. I learnt a new way to do a provisional cast-on, and I learnt basics about lace making (knit loose, various ways of avoiding casting on and off as that creates a tight edge or line which you don't want happening anywhere in your lace) but the most exciting and life-changing (Yes! Life-Changing!) was how to splice yarn.  

This is one of those things that, once you learn it, you can't understand how you ever got by without it. Why sew in all those ends of yarn when you add a new ball when you can simply slice it!!! For the life of me I cannot understand why I never heard of this before. Oh, I'd heard rumours for sure, but never ever thought they were true! But apparently they were true, and I now know how to simply splice two balls together so that you cannot even tell there weren't one and the same long string of yarn all along. It's impressive. Can't even see the join. With this bit of knowledge, I will never again have to spend agonizing minutes (and often hours) knitting in all those tiny ends. And, despite all 
efforts to avoid long tails, my apartment and probably my neighbours' as well always end up with floating bits of yarn left over after I've weaved in what seems to me to be a long enough bit to be secure. 

But in the meantime, if you'd like to know how to splice, check out this tutorial (Collette is the woman who taught the lace course -- a truly talented individual!)

One more photo of the scarf. I do love it ;-)

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Sean and Jenn said...

That's a beautiful scarf Mum!