Monday, March 2, 2009

Knitpick Harmony

Yep, those are knitpick harmony circulars! They were in my mailbox when I got home. Which is a rather nice way to end a busy Monday! 

I've been waiting for them for almost two weeks now (mainly because I started waiting even before they were actually shipped!), and so far they're well worth the wait. I'm working on the sleeves for the Tweedy Cable Cardigan (Norah Gaughan) and since I don't really enjoy knitting the same thing twice, I tend to knit both fronts and both sleeves at the same time. Circulars come in handy for that many stitches. 

I started the sleeves on 3.75 and then moved up to 4.5. Switching the needles on the cable went very smoothly. Easier than pie (I've only attempted pie a couple times and each time I tried to roll out the dough I got something shaped more like a daisy than a pie plate, so I've never quite understood the phrase "easy as pie").

The points are nicely sharp. I just bought some Brittany's the other day and find the ends to be more rounded than I'd like, especially for knitting finer yarns (which is what I bought them for so that's been frustrating). I think I will enjoy knitting lace on the harmonies.

And it's because of the lace projects I've got in mind that I've paid particular attention to the joins on the harmonies in tonight's test run, and I'm happy to report that the joins are incredibly smooth. In fact, I know it's heresay for some, but I'd even venture to say that the joins on these needles are much smoother than those on my circular addi's and mine are fixed addi's, not interchangeables. I can't tell yet if the joins will stay as smooth after multiple needle changes, and only time will tell. Tonight, though, I'm quite happy with them! 

And happy, too, that both the fronts and the back for this cardigan are blocked. I'm trying to get lots done before the yarn for Jen's wedding shawl arrives as I'm going to want to focus on getting that knit up once I can get started. 

I LOVE new needles and new projects! 

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