Sunday, May 31, 2009

In with the new!

I am such a knitter...

On Wednesday, I finished knitting Jen's wedding shawl, wove the two pieces together (though I must say I'm a better knitter than weaver and will have to work on that skill), but it being late at night and pinning it out would take hours (well, at least 1.5 hours, plus I'm not sure where I'll block it just yet...) I decided to do it on the weekend.

The next night I started experiencing knitting withdrawal so rummaged around in my collection of current projects. Most of what's there are unfinished winter projects: Nordic Mittens, Autumn socks... but I re-discovered Hoshiko from Rowan's Bamboo Tape Collection, which I'd also started in March and which is surprisingly close to being completed. So close, in fact, that yesterday I finished knitting the body. I would have kept going, but I discovered it needs a 5 mm crotchet hook as it has a deep crocheted edging. I, unfortunately, do not have that size hook and so could not go much further since yarn stores don't tend to be open at 11 pm on a Saturday evening.

So, I pulled out some yarn I bought last spring and started working on the bottom band for Bella Blouse. Did two repeats before calling it a night.

Just goes to show you can't stop the knitting force. It's got a life of it's own. This is why we have stashes and several projects on the go at once. It's so you never, ever, get stuck without a project!

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