Friday, July 31, 2009


Inspired by Jessica's blog, here are my lists for this week...

reading: Snow Crash by neal stephenson, a novel that blends ancient sumerian texts and biblical myths with cyberpunk in a crazy careening ride into the not-as-distant-as-we-once thought future. Stephenson makes his readers work a bit, but the ride is worth the effort.

And because it's now a bit too hot and muggy and the air too thick for too much work right now, I'm also reading a summer detective fiction by Louise Penny. The Murder stone, set in the woods of Quebec.

knitting: it's a surprise, so I can't tell you but here's a peak... (I'll post more about that square and what's happening with it later)

I also have some rather beautiful blue lace-weight silk that's waiting to be turned into something wonderful as soon as I settle on which pattern is most appropriate. I have never worked with lace-weight silk before, and find I am in no rush to start working something. I am looking at a lot of patterns, imagining how it would if I were to choose something as dramatic as Aeolian Shawl or something more flowing, like Shipwreck or maybe a stole, like Hillflowers. I like the unworked silk so much I'm a little reluctant to start working with it in case I find that either my knitting or the pattern I finally settle on does not do it justice...

eating: blueberries, green beans, and freshly picked peas, which I've been eating right out of the shell the past few days because they are so good, so green and so fresh! Yum.

weekend plans: vacation, which starts on Monday, and will involve waterfront and trees, and hopefully more fresh peas!

listening: Storm Front by Jim Butcher (a novel, not music) the first novel in the Dresden Files series. It's what reviewers call "hardboiled" detective fiction, only the PI is actually a wizard. But Harry Dresden ain't no Harry Potter. It's quite snappy and smart, complex and also quite fun. It's read aloud by James Marsters who, as it turns out, is an excellent reader.

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