Saturday, September 19, 2009


In my last post, almost a month ago, I said I love summer. And I do. But I also love Autumn, which seems to bring with it a sense of completion, a kind of closure almost (somehow, even here in Montreal we are aware however vaguely of the harvest), and all feels calm, secure, comfortable. Last fall found me on the highway quite a bit, and I loved watching the trees turn. This year, I will watch from the heights of the Adirondacks.

Hence the new hiking books. Dunno what
happened to the old ones. The ssports guy who helped me select the new ones said the old ones are still in great condition, ready to do quite a few more hikes before I retire them, but for some odd reason, they do not fit. Too small. Do feet grow even at my age? Can hiking boots shrink? how very odd ...

Here are the new ones. Lowa Topeka, in burgandy. These, my friends, are BOOTS! Providing my feet don't go through another growth spurt (or that hiking up some waterfall doesn't shrink my new boots) these should last a while. And they feel great. I got smart socks to go with them. Can't believe I've been wearing dumb socks all this time. Who knew?!

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